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Why I'm thankful for 2020

You might read the title of this blog and think I'm bonkers after the year we've had. As the year has been drawing to a close I've found the Christmas period particularly hard having to spend time away from friends and family. However, I've been spending time reflecting on what I'm grateful for and and what 2020 has taught me; I'm a great believer that everything we experience in life has something to teach us.

I've taken some time to write down everything I am grateful for this year, and what I've noticed as a common theme is the time I have had. Not just time for reconnecting with friends and family, but time to do things that I wouldn't normally do.

Don't get me wrong it's been a hard year as I experienced losses both within my business and on a personal level within my family, but I wanted to reflect on what I'm grateful for instead.

The fact that business was quieter during the first lock down gave me time to reflect. So here's a few things I've done this year when I was given the gift of time;

* Worked for a charity to provide online Life Coaching for individuals moving forward after mental health support #advancedbrighterfutures

* Volunteered for #highfiveourcarers which was set up due to Covid to provide support through coaching and counselling to NHS staff

* Volunteered for #frazzledcafe to host online cafe's which were all taken online during lockdown

* Became a Mental Health First Aider

* Grew some vegetables and fruit (who didn't?)

* Grew some amazing flowers!

* Helped my husband and daughter start their own businesses

* More time to meditate

* Had time to plan and implement changes in my business to pivot online

* Time spent with friends and family (when allowed)

* Collaborating with other business owners

I have found that volunteering and being able to help others in this difficult time has been so rewarding and really does nourish the soul. There is science behind this as well as studies have shown that helping others releasing the 'feel good' chemical into the body and can help with depression and anxiety.

If you had asked me a few months ago if I would be grateful to 2020 I would have laughed in your face and responded with a resounding 'no way!' But on reflection it has allowed me to do so much that I wouldn't normally find the time for, and for that I am grateful and will take that lesson into 2021 and every year after this.

Thanks 2020 it's been emotional, here's to 2021!

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