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Evolvement Coaching

Get ready to experience the most immersive, supportive, soul-changing, all-encompassing coaching you have ever experienced.

Evolvement Coaching will take you on a journey to find out what you want (if you don't already know) learn about yourself and the impact your experiences have had on your life up until now, and provide you everything you need in one place to 'evolve' into the person you want to be.

Are you ready? 

How do you know if Evolvement Coaching is for you?


I often get asked by clients if Evolvement Coaching is going to work and if it will get them the results and the outcome they want.


Do you feel like you're struggling up a hill that you no longer have the energy to climb?


Your health is getting you down and you don't know where else to turn?

Fed up using Google to find the answers to your problems?

Too much conflicting advice online and from well-meaning friends and family?

Sound familiar?  Then you are ready. There is never just one thing that needs to be addressed or 'fixed' for my clients.  Everything you have experienced in your life up until this point has impacted on your physical and mental health, and now is the time to understand that, see it for what it is, and get the healing you need on every level to enable you to evolve into the person you were meant to be.  Not the 'best version of yourself', but the version you want to be.

What will you get from me?

What my clients say

"The sessions are friendly and relaxed, and Bonny discusses lots of different ways to manage your health and well-being, and finds the ones that work best for you."

"Bonny is lovely and makes you feel relaxed from the start, lots of great advice.  Highly recommended"

"Since working with Bonny we have modified my diet and the results have been noticeable, I felt better and my symptoms have abated considerably.  It was well worth the investment"

What next?

  1. Click the button 'apply to work with me'

  2. Complete the short questionnaire so that I can see if we are going to be a good fit to work together

  3. I'll arrange a free consultation with you, and we can discuss in some more detail the support you need and how I can help you

Still have some questions?
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