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Hope in uncertain times

What is hope and how can it help us right now? The definition of hope is something we are striving towards, an outcome that we would like to happen.

Right now, many people are looking to the future to bring them happiness instead of being ‘present’ where they are right now. You might hear them say things like “I’ll be happy when this is all over” or “I’ll be happy when I can go on holiday”

Whilst these might well be true, what they are doing is not living in the ‘present’, which means they miss the journey they are on and ultimately this is when hope is lost.

My own health issues in the past have taught me to live in the ‘present’. I experienced numerous operations, medical procedures and time off work to recuperate over the course of about 15 years. The longest time I had was about 6 years ago when I had a hysterectomy, and another unknown medical problem was uncovered, which meant I ended up being off work for 6 months whilst I recovered.

Before I went for the operation, I knew I had to prepare myself mentally and physically for it, so I took up meditation and yoga. These practices gave me the tools to focus on my here and now, instead of mourning what I had lost, or focusing on the future of “I’ll be happy when ……”

Whilst meditating this week about ‘hope’ it got me thinking about the situation we are all in right now, and how well equipped I personally feel to deal with this time at home away from friends, family and work, as it feels similar to what I have experienced before (to some extent) So I’ve been able to draw on those feelings and meditate with them in mind.

It’s likely that we will never experience this time again in our lifetime, so this is the only moment you have to live in the present moment, to go with the flow. Hope flourishes when we are in ‘flow’ with ourselves, when we feel bliss in the experiences and circumstances we are in, when we are ‘present’ in the moment. Otherwise what’s the alternative? To live in the future, longing for it all to end? If you do this (as some wise person once said)

‘you are not living your life, instead your life lives you’

When you let ‘hope’ flourish it can transform your thoughts, feelings and actions, and this will carry you through.

So, what can you do to be ‘present’ and let ‘hope’ in? Here are my top 3 tips:

  • Set an intention to be ‘present’ in the life and the moments you find yourself in every day.

  • Write down at least one thing every day you are grateful for that you experienced, or that you did.

  • Live your life with action; focus on the now and the things that bring you joy

If you feel like you need some help with being more ‘present’ then Life Coaching can help with this. I offer all new clients a FREE consultation to talk through their needs, which can be done via PC or phone.

Please contact me to book.

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