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Staying Alive - Asthma & Covid 19

Asthma can be a debilitating and horrible condition and I know first-hand the impacts that this can have.

I wasn’t born with it; in fact, I didn’t even have it as a child! Despite growing up in a family where my Dad and Grandad both had asthma, I thought I had got away with it. That was until I was about 25 and I caught a virus of some description which bought with it a terrible dry cough. The fact that I coughed so much and for so long actually damaged by lungs beyond repair and left me with asthma and a lifetime of inhalers and check-ups.

Now, I’ve never been hospitalised with my asthma, but I certainly know what things make it worse as well as things that make it better. I have had times when I’ve caught a cold or virus which will go straight onto my chest and affect my breathing, and I have to make sure I’m stocked up with inhalers. Also, for me it’s hay fever (something else I never had as a child) which makes my asthma worse, not great at the moment as everyone looks at you as soon as you cough in case you might be infecting them with Coronavirus (even my husband looks on at me with concern whenever I cough recently!)

The coronavirus situation certainly brings its own challenges for everyone, but for someone with asthma it makes me fear for my life. That’s a strong statement to make, but that’s how I feel at the moment. I do worry and think about if I caught it would I make it through?

I am currently 4 weeks into my 12 weeks of shielding as I’ve had a letter from the NHS telling me to stay home to keep myself safe (not that I need any encouragement to do that right now) I’m staying home and staying away from everyone I love, as well as taking my business online. I have plenty of inhalers and my GP has booked in a telephone check-up with me next week which I’m immensely grateful for as I want to make sure I’m doing all the right things.

There are things that do help me, over the years I have found that running, yoga and deep breathing help by making the most of my lung capacity and being able to control my breathing. There is nothing worse than a bit of mild panicking to upset my asthma, but I always have my inhaler at hand just in case.

I hope this time will pass, and with it my deepest desire to stay safe and well, which I’ve been doing with yoga and exercise at home and eating foods to help boost my immune system. I’ll stay home as long as I have to if it keeps me out of harm’s way.

Stay safe everyone :)

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